Serums for men

You can now shave in confidence. Get a closer, more comfortable, longer lasting shave without razor rash! Facial Blend and Repair Blend are excellent for men that have sensitive skin, scarring or moles that make shaving difficult. It also protects your razor blades and keeps them sharp so they last longer.


  • Daily moisturiser / Shaving serum.
  • Antioxidant eye oil for fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Natural Anti-inflammatory – Soothing rashes, fragile and damaged skin.
  • Immediately improves skin appearance with ongoing results.
  • Optimal protection against ageing.
  • Prolongs life of razor blades
  • Will not clog the pores
  • Safe for dry, chapped lips

How to use

Our products are very different.  A concentrated fomula activated with water allowing you to customize their consistency. This means they are more versatile making our serum as heavy or as light as needed to suit your skin type, age group or current condition of your skin.


Start with a small squirt for the first 5 days to fill the skin. A bit more serum makes it easier to get the hang of it, after that you may only need a pea size.


Wet your face with warm/hot water.

Apply a small amount into the palm of damp hands

Smooth around face and neck. Add more water if needed for a better glide before shaving. You may need to rinse blades in hot water more often as you get a closer shave and remove more hair. 

Massage residual serum into skin as an aftershave serum to soothe razor rash, cuts, redness and inflamed skin.


Tip: When finished don't clean the blades, store them with the serum on it overnight and rinse with hot water before your next shave. This can extend the life of your blade.