Witherspoon's is always delighted to receive letters and emails from customers who have experienced the healing properties of using Witherspoon's. We would like to share some with you now.

Thank you to those who have written to us, we hope your positive feedback can give others an insight to our wonderful range of natural products: they're benefits and versatility.

Regards, Veneita.


Testimonials from Witherspoon's customers

Many thanks for sending my much loved Facial Blend this has to be the best kept skincare secret around... “I love it !” I must confess that I have been a tad naughty and tried a few other brands but absolutely nothing compares to your product.

Z. Creswick

I am a type two diabetic and suffer from very dry and cracked heals. 

I have been visiting a podiatrist every two weeks to get my heals cleaned up plus daily moisturising which just hasn't been working for me plus costing me a fortune. I have tried led eggs plus school foot things which are also useless. 
Getting to the point I have recently come across some products that were recommended to me by a friend which actually work. Witherspoon's Foot File and Working Hands scrub.
I wish I took before and after photos as there is such a big difference my heels are soft and free from thick dry cracked skin.

Shannon. R 


I recently bought a Repair Blend but I didn't tell you that I bought it for my dog! He has bad eczema and I have tried many animal products and spent a lot of money so I was desperate. After two days he was less agitated. I found the smell relaxed him too and by the weekend the skin was no longer swollen and flaky. Looks like it's working well so I will continue to use it.

Maree K


Thank you for recommending the Vitamin C Facial Cleanser . It's fantastic! It

smells so good too, I want to eat it.

G. Parrett

I purchased your Working Hands scrub. I used it and so did my daughter. She is extremely allergic to so many products but yours is wonderful. She had NO reaction and we are both thrilled.

Thanks from a very satisfied customer.

C. Brown 
Yandina QLD

I wanted to tell you that I found the  Working Hands  product to be fantastic. I am an animal handler and trainer. I have very bad cracking and bleeding hands from washing and scrubbing my hands before and after handling each animal. Also living in the mountains, the cooler weather dries out my skin even more.

My clients have felt very sorry for me over the years and have given me numerous products, some very expensive, to help my skin. None of them really made any difference.

I bought your product at a Fair and from the first time I used it, I knew it was different from all the other stuff I've tried. What a difference it's made to my hands. It's not greasy like creams and it feels so relieving and soothing every time I use it. I can see the difference in my hands even in the couple of weeks I have been using it.

I think it's a great product and I am really glad I decided to buy it.

S. Bartlett 
Wentworth Falls NSW

Sign me up!! I am a convert!!

I have fallen in love with the  Facial blend . I've been using it morning and night since you sent it and over the space of the last week I have had people say I'm "glowing", "looking more radiant" and that my skin is looking superb…all actual comments.

I am thrilled seeing the Easter Show is just a week away - as I know I am looking a little tired from all the work, but the facial blend is compensating for the tiredness and pulling me through!

L Musumeci 
Events Co-ordinator 
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW  (Royal Easter Show)
Sydney Olympic Park NSW

My son has had a problem with his feet for some years now. We saw a specialist in Wagga who advised us that he had Juvenile Planter Dermatosis. He said it was hard to control and gave us some ideas. We had already tried everything. He had huge cracks in his feet and peeling skin - very painful. The specialist said he should grow out of it by the time he is 15 - he is 12 at present.

We met you at the Royal Easter Show and bought some of your  Working Hands  treatment which he used daily. Within a week there was a noticeable improvement and within a month it was totally cleared up. He has not had to use anything since. It was just fantastic.

You asked us to let you know how we got on, but I would have emailed you anyway because it was such a great result. I am also going to let the specialist in Wagga know as it may well help other people with the same problem.

S. Kent 
Cootamundra NSW

We bought the  Working Hands  to use for my daughter's acne and it really helped clear up her skin. I also told her to use my  Repair Blend  . She alternates between both and has kept her acne at bay. I am very thankful to you that I found something to help her, she was driving me crazy!

D. Fuller 
Brisbane QLD

I use the Facial blend because every other moisturiser I've tried in the past gave me pimples. I haven't had that problem in the 5 years I have used this product. It makes my skin very soft and it never feels dry, right up to the end of the day when I wash my face. I love it.

K. Ritchie 
Coolbellup W.A

Hi, I have to tell you my story. I had suffered for 2 years with Pompholyx dermatitis since the birth of my 4th child. The frequent hand washing only made it worse. My hands would itch severely, followed by a rash of deep blisters, then the whole layers of skin would peel, while a new rash of blisters would begin. I had to use cortisone and over time the skin on my fingers was thin, inflamed, sometimes infected, cracked and bleeding. I had to use cotton gloves at times.

My sister gave me some Working Hands to try. It gave me immediate relief! It gave me back the elasticity in the skin so I could bend my fingers without cracking and oozing, they never got infected again. The gap between flare ups lengthened and they were less and less severe. I stopped using Cortisone after a week, and within 4 months, had fingerprints again for the first time in 2 years!!!!! Thank you so much for a truly GREAT product. It saved me.

M. McCallaf 
Scholfield NSW

I love your Working Hands product. It's so nice to have a natural product that feels fantastic on my body and feet, especially the feet. I generally have dry feet and cracked heels and use your product every couple of days before I go to bed. My feet feel soft and clean for days!!! I just love it!

Revesby NSW

Thank you for putting me on to the Baby Blend . I just love to use it on my son. After a bath, his skin feels and looks dry. When I apply it, it feels really nice and softens his skin. My husband tried some on his face after a big Golf day out in the wind and now he uses it, so I've run out! I need to get some more and now I'm curious so I'm going to try it on my face. He loves it and he's a type of guy who doesn't use moisturisers so that really says something!

A. Birks 
Creswich VIC

I absolutely LOVE the Foot File ! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Y. Maija 
Concord NSW

You know I was using the  Repair Blend  and you suggested to use it on my girls Chicken Pox. It was amazing to see the improvement overnight. I will keep using it so hopefully there's no scarring. It's great that I could use the same product, saves me a bit of money.

L. Malone
Nth Narrabeen NSW

Great product! ( Working Hands ) Better than anything else I've used. You can really feel it doing some good.


I live in Gaborone Botswana Africa and was given a jar of your Facial Blend by my mother. I have suffered with eczema all my life - 50 years- and have found your product excellent.

K. Duthie 
Gaborone Botswana Africa

I would like to order two bottles of your Facial Blend , without which I cannot survive!!

J. Black 
Magill S.A

I tested and subsequently bought some of your products at Rolystone Markets. At the time I had a "breakout" of dryness and redness on my cheek. Something I had not experienced previously. I have to say that after only one day of using the Vitamin C cleanser and Facial Blend, that my skin has visibly improved and feels amazing. I cannot believe the difference already and can't thank you enough.

Karen C  
Roleystone W.A