Our philosophy

We believe in using nature's remedies to protect the skin and fight against ageing.

Our aim is to provide clean PURE skincare that also heals. Witherspoon's products will never contain anything but high quality ingredients to assist our largest organ, ”the skin” to be its' best.

Natural just isn't good enough. We don't use cosmetic additives of any kind, natural or not. We believe daily use of additives of any kind, are damaging to the skin and the body.

Even though a product may be labelled “Natural” and “Organic” they may still contain chemical preservatives, fillers & stabilisers that are being absorbed into the blood stream. Many natural additives are so over processed that they are no longer recognisable.

Each stage of research and development through to production is carefully controlled to ensure the highest quality and standards are maintained. This was our original intention when we started 25 years ago and we will continue to do so for the health of your skin.

You don't need 10 different products to take care of your skin, our products are multipurpose and can be shared within households.

Our blends are concentrates and a small amount is all you need.

Have you done the PURE test with your current products???

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