About us

About us

Twenty five years ago, our goal was to develop something that was going to repair and protect damaged skin from constant washing and exposure to chemicals and detergents, which often lead to eczema and dermatitis.

We realized that creams and lotions were not effective enough to stop dry skin. We found using creams and lotions felt and smelt nice, but did very little for the health of the skin. There were so many products to choose from and in the end, they all seemed to be the same.

This led us to develop our non cosmetic products that soothe, protect and provide nutrients to

help the body heal the skin.

We succeeded in developing a scrub that has now become our signature product called Working Hands . The results spoke for themselves and from that point on; we endeavoured to provide skincare that is very different. 

Our products are not only for damaged skin but for everyone. We provide luxurious moisturising while keeping the skin healthy and vibrant. 

The positive feedback from our customers is a testimony to our hard work, dedication and commitment to deliver high quality PURE skincare that works!

“We don't make creams or lotions; Witherspoon's provides healthier more effective options!”

                                Witherspoon's PURE Skin Care is proudly Australian made and owned

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Our very popular... Facial Blend

Daily moisturiser for day or night. Full of antioxidants. Doubles as an eye moisturiser for fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive skin. Optimal protection against pre-mature aging of the skin. Will not clog pores. Will not weep into eye area.

Popular with men as a luxurious shave serum.

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