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Foot files - Long handle single file

Foot files - Long handle single file

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Double sided - Extra course and medium plates

“Works better and faster than anything I've ever used”

Voted the best foot file on the market by our customers!

Our professional quality files have QUICK ACTION extra course & medium plates to remove heavy callus and  cracks on the feet.

Can be used on wet or dry feet.

No need to soak...Try it in... or after the shower for AMAZING results!

The long  handle provides a longer reach and comfortable grip.

Remove cracks and callus with rough side, smooth with the other side and finish with  Intense Moisturising Treatment (Working Hands) or Hands & Feet.

These  files  will quickly  remove your  cracks and callus but they will  continue to come back if  you don't condition the new skin  properly.

Stop this chronic problem with Intense Moisturising Treatment/Working Hands.

(Creams and lotions don't work. They only treat the dead skin on the surface while starving the healthy skin below.)


  • Very effective.
  • Use wet or dry.
  • Hygienic / Easy to clean
  • Long lasting / Years of use!
  • Never rusts or corrodes.
  • Can be kept in the shower.
  • 2 colours: Black or Cream 

Our Natural Nail file is also handy to use around toes and tricky areas. 

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